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45 minutes that will change the world of actuation

Experience how we set a new standard for advanced capabilities in efficient electrification of actuation with our patented naXture technology.

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Today's world is asking for smarter, stronger and cleaner actuators.

Until now, product designers and engineers had to choose:

get useful movement ranges (by taking conventional electromagnetic, hydraulic or pneumatic linear actuators)


get highly dynamic, high force density actuators (i.e. solid-state solutions) but suffer from a very limited range of motion.

MetisMotion actuators bridge that gap.


80 %

lighter and smaller

10 x

faster acceleration

10 x

higher efficiency

Our Actuators are



The hermetic metal sealing ensures excellent ecological compatibility.


Say goodbye to hydraulics and pneumatics!


Used for e.g.

Food & Health Care

Lighter + Smaller


The high force density provides significant weight and space reduction whilst offering highest degrees of controllability and dynamics for high force and low power applications.


Used for e.g.

Aviation, Electric Vehicles, Advanced Robotics



Your application requires faster response times

than you can find

anywhere today?

We are the right team to connect with.

Used for e.g.

Safety Applications



Harsh environments are MetisMotion actuators’ comfort zone. 

You need solutions for wide temperature ranges, aggressive media, dust or intense vibrations?

Talk to us.


Used for e.g.

Energy Applications


MetisMotion actuators are setting world records.

Have you seen tens of kilonewtons load being clamped or released in less than 1ms?

By an actuator requiring less than 350cm³ space?

So efficient that it can be powered by a small battery for thousands of actuation cycles?

We see it every day.


Are MetisMotion actuators suitable for my application?

MetisMotion actuators are the right choice for you, if you don’t find suitable electromagnetic, hydraulic or pneumatic solutions for your challenge, because

  • they are too heavy or large, not smart, not efficient, or not robust enough (towards environmental impacts e.g. vibration, temperature, media…)
  • you can´t use hydraulic or pneumatic media supplies based on your application’s requirements
  • they don´t fulfil your safety requirements (i.e. specific normally open / normally closed),
  • or they accelerate / respond too slowly.

In which requirement spaces do MetisMotion actuators perform best?

MetisMotion actuators are geared towards high force, low power requirements – this means, your application is a great fit if you require high forces at low travel speed and/or high speeds at low forces combined e.g. as actuator for a brake: closing the brake ultra fast, with low counter force, building up high forces once mechanical contact is closed.

How do MetisMotion actuators work?

MetisMotion actuators combine the strengths of solid-state actuators and conventional drives. Outstanding dynamic capabilities and force/power densities are now available for higher forces and longer displacements.

MetisMotion actuators provide inherent sensing capabilities. Depending on the specific use case requirement MetisMotion actuators often don´t require additional sensors to provide smart functionalities. The used primary solid-state actuator can not only power the actuator but also serve as a measurement sensor in parallel to e.g. detect forces or other parameters that might be helpful for your application.

How reliable is the technology?

MetisMotion actuators build on well known components millionfold used in most challenging environments over extensive life cycles. Your car, your mobile phone, your airplane, are all relying on similar building blocks – now combined in a new, smart way to unlock unprecedented capabilities.

We are working for a large variety of industries. The cases described on the page only reflect a small fraction of use cases for MetisMotion actuators. Therefore, connect with us and we can jointly assess the fit of MetisMotion actuators for your application.

How can I get more information?

Just leave us a message in the contact section below and we will schedule a call with you on short notice.



MetisMotion actuators are based on decades of experience in specialty actuator development for industrial environments. Our key strength are high force-density and ultra dynamic linear actuators.


We bring extensive actuator know-how. You are the key expert for your application. Together we can quickly assess the fit between your challenge and our technology’s capability.


MetisMotion solutions build on a toolbox of standardized modules. Starting from your specific use case, these modules are adjusted and combined to solve your specific actuation challenge. This approach allows for short development cycles and at the same time predictable product quality and manufacturing scalability.

We love movement.

And moving the related boundaries.


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We are constantly moving the boundaries of Movement.

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